Small Business, Big Life For Women

7 Secrets For Designing A Business To Help You Live Your Best Life

Women are opening and running more small businesses than ever before. Yet they’re getting caught in the age-old trap of believing they have to choose between family life and financial success—while putting themselves last when it comes to time, care, and attention.

Small business and personal finance expert Louis Barajas believes that the true purpose of a business should be to give you more life, not less. He has written Small Business, Big Life for Women in collaboration with his wife and business partner, Angie Barajas, and a select group of female entrepreneurs to address the specific issues and advantages that women experience in small business. They will share with you the seven surprising secrets of entrepreneurship inside the pages of this book.

Small Business, Big Life for Women will show you how to design a business that will let you create what really matters: a great life with money, time, energy, and health to share with the people you love.

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