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Louis Barajas defies the traditional concept of financial and business expert. Louis connects with people through their hearts, their dreams, and the often-difficult realities of their lives. He’s not just about numbers. Rather than fixating on the size of the client’s bank balance, investment portfolio, or retirement account, his approach has always been to show people how to use their resources to live better lives today, tomorrow, and in the future. His humanity-based financial and business advice works well for people making $25,000, $250,000, or Millions, because most everyone has a deep desire to want to make a difference in their lives. Learn More Here

The Orange County Register said, “What do you get if you cross financial advice author Suze Orman, Dr. Phil, and Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata? – Louis Barajas.”

6 Figures and struggling

My career has spanned a journey from working with the ridiculously super wealthy to the underserved and in between.  And while I have sat in front of people over the last 30 years going over their personal finances, believe it or not, it’s been the clients earning six figures who have felt the most angst and frustration.


While they all admit to being super blessed to earn such great incomes, they constantly say that they feel stuck, guilty, frustrated, and no happier than when they used to earn much less. Most American’s find it confusing when I tell them that people who earn six figures still live paycheck to paycheck.


Six Figures and Struggling is a handbook for high income earning people who want to gain back control of their finances so that they can feel and see results towards creating a better future!






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